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Cleaning Testimonials for Carpet and Upholstery Services

Cleaning Testimonials for Carpet and Upholstery Services

Here Are Some Testimonials We Received From Our Valued Customers

"Just a note to let you know that Smart Dry Tech did a Stunning job. They were polite and courteous and attentive to our wishes. I was most impressed with the way they cleaned up after themselves! Thanks again for your assistance in this matter!"
-Justin M Sparks , San Fernando ValleyÂ

"I never thought my exclusive oriental rug would ever get back to its original shape and texture. Thanks to your people, you brought back the value I once loved! For very fast service you guys did a remarkable job. What an efficient staff!"
-Mark and Sonia Goldstein, New York

"If you are seeking a superb carpet cleaning service call Smart Dry Tech. I would recommend them to everybody! I have an infant and a toddler plus the family pet. Trust me; my carpet was dirty and stained. A Smart Dry Tech technician came to my house and was able to remove all stains and odors from my carpets!!! I was absolutely shocked from the results. The greatest and the latest indeed!"
-Maria Gomez, Los Angeles

"I appreciate the fast response and great customer service."
-M Stevens, Lawyer, MiamiÂ

"I would like to thank you for the remediation work Smart Dry Tech recently performed at our facility. I was overwhelmed by the immediate response and the quality of your services. We were faced with an incredibly short timeline to complete the project. Also, the area of remediation needed to complete the work while we continued to conduct business in the same area. The results exceeded our expectations. I will definitely use Smart Dry Tech in our future cleaning and restoration needs. Thanks again."
-Mortgage Mastery Inc., ArizonaÂ

"I can't believe that a simple air duct could play a major role in my health. Because of your cleaning process I'm not only getting a good night's sleep but breathing a lot better these days as well. Thank you."
-S Sugamuara, West Los AngelesÂ

"When our mainline broke, we knew this flood was going to be a major problem. We didn't have home insurance. Smart Dry Tech worked with us and got the job done. Thanks guys."
-J Montoya, Las VegasÂ

"Thanks again for the work you did for me when my condo flooded. I would recommend your work to anyone who encountered such unfortunate circumstances as my own."
-Jerold smith, ChicagoÂ

"Not only did they take a professional approach toward the job, like clockwork, in between they found time to soothe, sympathize and encourage us to look at the positive ends of mold remediation. We were honored to have them in our building. We, at PC Logic, are trained in practicing Continuous Quality Improvement. One of the cornerstones of quality is complete customer satisfaction. With the services presented, we weren't only satisfied but overjoyed. We will definitely be using you guys for any restoration, remediation, or cleaning needs we made need in the future."
-PC Logic, Los AngelesÂ

"I was amazed that when I made and appointment to have my carpets cleaned, the technicians arrived and noticed that I was elderly and suffering from health problems, he offered to check out my air ducts and showed me the amount of dirt and dust in the vents. He cleaned them for me and within hours I felt like I can breathe again."
-Maryann Walker, Ohio